Cropping An Image
CROP OR CROPPING: Using the crop tool of your image editing program to draw a box around a selected portion of your digital image. When you execute the crop your remaining picture contains only what was inside your drawn box. See an example of an image that has an area selected to be cropped on the left. A standard crop tool allows you to draw a rectangle of any height and width ratio.

Most image editing programs will allow you to crop to a constrained ratio or proportion like 8 by 10 or 5 by 7. Some image editing programs will allow you to crop with a constrained ratio and resize and scale the image to a required print resolution in one operation.

As an example, crop the image to 5 by 7 inches at a print resolution of 300 DPI/PPI. See your image editor's crop tool properties dialog box to determine your available options when using the crop tool.